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Olson Farms has a history that goes back well over 100 years since the early 1890's, spanning several generations of Olson farmers. The current operation was handed down from Elmer and Vonna Olson and is currently a family operation run by brothers Gary Olson and David Olson located in Saline County on acreage surrounding Gypsum, KS and Kipp, KS.

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Gary Olson has been farming since 1983-1984, starting part-time during High School. Gary first starting driving in Junior High. David worked on the farm since their Dad Elmer got a cab tractor. Both have over 30 years of experience with this family farming business.

We offer our services for custom planting of milo & soybeans. And custom harvesting of wheat, milo and soybeans. We can help you with double crops. We have conventional tilage as well as no-till equipment. We do not offer spraying services.

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Olson Farms has a passion for raising good quality seed for over 20 years. We offer certified seed wheat and seed treatment. Olson Farms is listed in the 2021 Kansas Wheat Seed Book.

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Gary Olson can help you determine what Crop Insurance policy is right for you. Gary can get you coverage that meets your needs. Insurance can offer protection with hail and multi-peril policies through NAU Country Insurance. If disaster strikes, you can be rest assured that you'll be financially secure with a comprehensive policy to protect your farm and family.

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