Saline County Seed Wheat

Olson Farms has had a long-lived passion for raising good quality seed. It first started way back over 20 some years ago when Elmer Olson was still living. Elmer and his wife Vonna made trips to get foundation seed.

After Elmer passed away, sons Gary and David Olson continued the tradition of raising high quality wheat. Their mom Vonna continued to make trips to get Foundation Seed, Certified Seed or Registered Seed, depending upon the variety and what the Olsons thought might be a good fit for their fields.

Olson Farms is located in Saline County and is listed in the Kansas Crop Improvement Association's 2018 Kansas Wheat Seed Book offering the following varieties:


The seed industry has changed considerably in the past few years. The Plant Variety Protection Act (PVP) has made it possible to protect plant varieties. Therefore, it is unlawful to sell, offer for sale uncertified seed. The 1863, Fuller and Overly are protected at the PVP Level 6, which means unauthorized propagation prohibited.

As part of the Olson Farms Seed Operations, we also offer Seed Wheat Treatment.

For seed wheat treatment service or for more information on this valuable option, you will need to call Gary Olson at (785) 822-2202.

Please call either David Olson at (785) 577-1949 or Gary Olson at (785) 822-2202 for pricing and availability of supplies.

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